Technicolor Video Series Reveals What it Takes to be an "Architect of Amazement" in Delivering Immersive Entertainment Experiences

Technicolor has produced a series of short videos that reveal what, in fact, it takes to create a sense of amazement for audiences seeking immersive entertainment experiences. The videos reveal how an intimate interaction between science and art is advancing the way stories are told to enhance the connection between consumers and the wide array of content they love.

The series of videos focus on new developments in the ability to replicate the way humans process light, perceive color, and experience special effects while maintaining a willing suspension of disbelief in theaters, at home and on the go. The video series includes:

Watch one of the episodes on The Secrets of VFX on Youtube

• "The HDR Revolution" -- which explores how High Dynamic Range is changing the way digital entertainment looks and feels, and what Technicolor is doing to pave the way for an open approach to HDR content creation and distribution.

• "The Power of Color" -- which features how Technicolor's 100-year heritage in color art and science has evolved as an integral part of the storytelling process and how it has laid the foundation for the next century. Technicolor's expert colorists discuss how color can completely transform a scene through the manipulation of light and color.

• "The Secrets of Visual Effects" -- which offers an exciting and perceptive insight into how special effects take audiences to places beyond their wildest imagination.

• "Ultra-broadband" -- which describes how network infrastructures are taking advantage of cutting-edge tech to bring gigabit speeds to the home, opening the door for audiences to receive increasingly immersive entertainment experiences.

While movies, episodic programing, live events and even digital gaming have been around for decades, innovative developments in technology are creating new artistic opportunities to challenge the status quo and meet the voracious appetite of audiences around the world to be surprised, entertained … and yes … amazed.

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