Gartner Predicts Three Digital Business Impacts on Product, Program and Portfolio Management

By 2023, 80 percent of organizations will have an enterprise program management office (EPMO) focused on integrating digital products and programs, according to new Gartner research.

Many teams or organizations have the mindset that continuing with the historical, predigital status quo will be enough to keep operations going. The time to elevate enterprise-level support and coordination across emerging product, program and portfolio management (PPM) capabilities for digital business is now.


“Frankly, many PPM leaders are facing a digital business reality check,” says Joanne Kopcho, VP Analyst at Gartner. “Large, historical investments in PPM practices and technologies lack the new automation, efficiency and adaptive approaches required to support digital business.”

Digital business is altering the role of existing program management offices (PMOs) from operational to strategic, requiring PPM leaders to be effective enablers of strategic execution for the enterprise.

The EPMO will provide collaboration, coordination, and facilitation across product lines, products, programs and portfolios for success. With such qualities within the EPMO, the organization can help orchestrate and achieve continued insight into outcomes, strategic objectives and cross-organizational changes.

“PPM leaders must reinvent PMO processes, embrace new ideas and enhance skill sets to support the digital direction of the CIO and CxOs, or risk being left behind,” says Kopcho.

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