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Multiple Technologies Converge to Boost the Wireless Infrastructure Market to $32 Billion by 2025: ABI Research

The global RAN (Radio Access Network) baseband and small cell equipment market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 8% to exceed $32 billion in 2025, according to a new report published by ABI Research. These sales take into account both outdoor and indoor RAN equipment including macro basebands, outdoor small cells, indoor small cells, and DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems).

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5G Will Not Be ‘The Network of Networks’ for Enterprise Verticals, ABI Research Says

5G is being positioned as a “network of networks” that will encompass public and private components, licensed and unlicensed spectrum, and even expand beyond cellular, to satellite communications. But in reality, 5G will only be one component of the enterprise vertical technology stack, ABI Research noted in its new white paper, The Five Myths of 5G.

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3G and 4G Will Drive M2M Service Revenues on Cellular Public Networks to $228 Billion in 2024: ABI Research

The global cellular M2M market will nearly quintuple from over 620 million connections in 2019 to 3 billion connections in 2024, according to a new report by global tech market advisory firm, ABI Research. While connection revenues will double to $32 billion over the forecast period, these revenues will account for just 14% of all cellular M2M value-added services revenues in 2024. To capture greater share of the M2M revenue opportunity, global operators must expand their horizontal capabilities, partner with vertical specialists, and move up the value stack.

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