BizTechReports is an independent reporting agency with offices in Washington, D.C., that is dedicated to covering the researchers, analysts, consultants and industry influencers who report on the new developments that are making a difference with how it is that we live our digital lives. Our reports explore the role that technology products and services play in the overall economy and/or in specific vertical industries. It is the mission of BizTechReports to put enterprise technologies into a context that business decision-makers can understand and appreciate.

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Beth Bacheldor

Contributing Editor

Beth is a seasoned technology journalist and content, marketing and communications professional. Much of her career has been in the high-tech and IT industries, where she has honed skills in interviewing CEOs, CIOs, CSOs and other executives and managers in every industry and crafting stories that engage and build relationships with the reader. Beth writes for corporate and media clients around the country, contributing to, IT World, FedTech Magazine, EdTech Magazine, Access Intelligence and many others. She blogs, works as a community manager for websites, and also does custom publishing projects for companies including UBM, IDG, SSPR, Gregory FCA, Access Intelligence and others, working on marketing collateral, web sites, webcasts, white papers, presentations, surveys, and articles. She spent nine years as a senior writer and news editor for InformationWeek.

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Lane F. Cooper

Contributing Editor

Lane has over 20 years of experience as a researcher, reporter and editor analyzing the business and technology industry.  On average, Lane meets with 600 CIOs and senior enterprise executives every year to understand the impact of evolving technological developments on organizations of all sizes across all industries.  He has organized and moderated many live and online events and works with a variety of high-tech organizations to ensure that information is presented in a context that is useful to an audience of sophisticated technology buyers and implementers.  He is a Contributing Content Partner to CIO Magazine and a Consulting Researcher to Current Analysis. Other news services and magazines that have carried his by-line include: Voice Report, Network World, Byte Magazine, TechWeb, Optimize, Information Week, Telephony, Communications Week, ComWeek International,  and Enterprise Systems Journal.  He lives in Washington DC, where he is the Editorial Director of BizTechReports, an independent reporting agency that analyzes user trends in business technology.


Nathan Fisher

Contributing Editor

Nathan's entire career has been dedicated to the art of storytelling. He has spent the past 5 years applying that passion in the field of marketing and communications. Nathan enjoys contributing his storytelling skills in the entertainment and technology industry working with industry leading scientists and artists to analyze the latest stories and trends. Nate applies his unique analytical and artistic insights to share new perspectives and deliver his analysis with intent.