Managed Wi-Fi Services Emerge as a Competitive Differentiator for Network Service Providers in EMEA Region

A new webcast on the impact "managed Wi-Fi services" can have on network service providers (NSPs) in the EMEA region has been released for the Broadband World Forum 2017 conference -- which being held this week Berlin.

Bart Vercammen, Vice President at Technicolor's Connected Home Division presents an analysis of how managed Wi-Fi services offers NSPs an opportunity to improve the consumer experience while reducing costs and absorbing new revenue opportunities, including those associated with the rise of Internet of Things (IoT) services.

Podcast Interview with Bart Vercammen

 According to Vercammen, managed Wi-Fi will be critical to delivering exceptional user experiences across a range of next generation services.  It will also lay the foundation for NSPs to remotely monitor – and fix – networking problems in the home, while delivering on premium service level agreements (SLAs) for consumers who want help in managing the growing complexity associated with the rising number of devices in the connected home.

These managed Wi-Fi services will help NSPs address the challenges and opportunities presented by the rise of over-the-top (OTT) services and consumer devices available in retail stores that are designed to boost Wi-Fi connectivity in the home.  Properly implemented, he says, an effective managed Wi-Fi strategy can help NSPs reduce churn and even create new, revenue-generating opportunities.

Technicolor is working with NSPs throughout the region -- and around the world -- to introduce cloud-based services that allow NSPs to:

* Monitor and optimize Wi-Fi service in the home;
* Ensure that devices are optimally connected; and
* Make certain that the user experience is maximized.