SMPTE's Barbara Lange: Standards Are More Critical Than Ever in this Technologically Advanced and Video Driven Environment

As the entertainment industry continues to rapidly evolve, traditional frameworks are being disrupted in almost every way.  To ensure that traditional players, along with the new generation of companies and technologies, continue to deliver quality experiences to audiences, the role of standards is going to be more important than ever, according to Barbara Lange, Executive Director for the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, or SMPTE, in a podcast interview for journalists.

"Amazon, Netflix and other new players -- along with the traditionalists in broadcast and motion pictures – are exploring and implementing a wide array of new technologies that make content more engaging for consumers," says Lange.

That is why it is it's important for an organization like SMPTE -- which is made up of engineers, scientists and digital technologists – to elevate its efforts and activity to support the quality of motion images, regardless of where or how it is created or delivered.

Podcast Interview with Barbara Lange

Today, for instance, eighty percent of the internet traffic consists of video.  This is creating new business opportunities, but it is also giving rise to a new series of challenges, not just technologically, but also at a strategic, operational and economic levels, explains Lange.

"The number of operators and platforms operating in the content creation and distribution space has quickly increased the rate of innovation and the proliferation of new content formats," she says.

This creates a requirement to manage a complex array of content across the ecosystem in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

"Meanwhile, convergence is happening in many different aspects of our industry.  Reconciling growing complexity with this convergence requires all of us to work together to make sure the industry continues to grow.  That is why we need to invest in – and apply – standards across the entertainment ecosystem," says Lange.

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