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Digital-only banks and Insurers Will Gain Ground on Traditional Players in Asia Pacific in the Next Two Years: Forrester Research

Consumers in Asia Pacific are some of the most advanced when it comes to digital engagement with financial services, with 73 percent of consumers believing that they should be able to accomplish any financial task on a mobile device, according to new data released by Forrester Research.

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Fintech Platform Revenues Will Reach $638 Billion By 2024, Up From An Estimated $263 Billion In 2019, Juniper Research Says

Technologies such as machine learning, Big Data analytics and blockchain will be the cornerstone of fintech platforms. These factors will fundamentally alter the way financial services are delivered and drive fintech platforms to become the “new normal” according to a new report from Juniper Research.

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Craig Martin of J.D. Power Discusses How Customer-Centric Digital Transformation is Key to the Future of Wealth Management

As new technologies and communication channels create more options for consumers seeking to optimize the management of their financial lives, the wealth management sector must put the customer experience at the center of how, when and where to apply new services based on innovative capabilities, says Craig Martin, Managing Director, Wealth & Lending in the Services Industries Division at J.D. Power.

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