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Smart Home Will be at the Heart of the Change in Consumer Robotics, ABI Research Says

A disconnect between smart home and home robotics offerings has been a factor limiting home robotics adoption. Pricing, availability, and consumer awareness have been factors too, but a new study from ABI Research finds that robot vendors increasingly see value in supporting the integration of their devices into smart home functionality. While challenges remain, this smart home integration will result in nearly 79 million homes around the world having a robot in the house by 2024.

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Unit Sales For New Smart Home Controllers Will Reach Nearly 14 Million in 2024: Parks Associates

New research from Parks Associates’ Smart Home Tracker: Market Sizing and Trends estimates nearly 14 million new smart home controllers will be sold in the US in 2024. The tracker provides industry insights and analysis on the latest trends in the smart home space, including the need for new privacy protection and authentication measures.

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Sales of Connected Consumer Devices to Exceed 520 Million Units by 2022, Parks Associates Says

Sales of connected consumer devices — including networked cameras, security systems, and connected health devices — will exceed 520 million units by 2022, according to Parks Associates. The report, sponsored by Calix, presents the opportunities emerging from this wealth of residential devices and details strategies for service providers to operate in the smart home market in ways that leverage their strengths while avoiding the pitfalls of past efforts.

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