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Smart Home and Car Integration Brings Opportunity, But Complexity, to Automakers: ABI Research

The importance of the growing smart home market is drawing in car manufacturers and their development strategies, as Mercedes, BMW, Ford, and others are bringing Amazon Alexa and other smart home voice control platforms into their connected cars. But, voice control is just the start, ABI Research suggests.

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Session-based Watermarking Can Stop Piracy at its Source: ABI Research

Video piracy – the copying and selling copyrighted content - has been around since the advent of the VHS tape and home video recording in 1979. Today, video piracy has shifted from pirated set-top boxes to content redistribution over broadband networks, ABI Research noted Nov. 9.  The most common forms of piracy today include illegal fully-loaded Kodi boxes, social network live streams, torrents of exclusive series or movies, web-based redistribution via file lockers, and password sharing. Service providers lose US$6 to US$8 billion annually in revenue to piracy.

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