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Auto Revolution 2019: The New Generation Of Automated Vehicles Requires A Focus On Education

The auto industry has not seen so much disruption and innovation since the rise of mass automobile production. Electric engines are on a trajectory to replace internal combustion technology that has underpinned the industry for over a century and mass deployment of digitally connected and automated features are transforming basic assumptions about the driving experience --so says David Amodeo in a podcast interview for journalists covering the Auto Revolution 2019 conference Las Vegas on October 23-24. 

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J.D. Power - Japan: Ahead of the Automated Vehicle Adoption Curve?

Multiple factors are accelerating automated vehicle technology development, including improving safety (ideally to the goal of zero fatalities), eliminating congestion, reducing pollution and creating a socially equitable mobility model. These goals are not unique to Japan; such a vision is shared around the world.

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