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Auto Revolution 2019: Chris Hodges Of J.D. Power On How Mastering The Digital Journey Plays A Key Role For Engendering Trust In Automotive Innovations

Given the massive amount of change to which consumers are being exposed -- especially when it comes to their mobile lives -- the ability to carefully track the complex evolution of customer sentiment is emerging as a critical discipline among leading players in the different sectors of the automotive industry.

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Auto Revolution 2019: Kristin Kolodge of J.D. Power Describes The Role of “Trust” in Adoption of Emerging Innovations in Mobility and Transportation

As the mobility industry explores alternative modes of transportation, a maturing rideshare sector, various levels of autonomous transportation -- and many other innovations -- adoption will largely depend on establishing a deep sense of trust among consumers, according to Kristin Kolodge, Executive Director of Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Driver Interaction at J.D. Power.

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Michael Foy of J.D. Power Explores How the Wealth Management Sector Can Integrate Human and Technological Touch Points to Maximize Customer Experience

Digital transformation is changing the way that people buy, get information and invest. Though wealth management is a relative latecomer to digital transformation, today's wealth management companies and their customers are now relying increasingly on digital processes to purchase wealth management services -- as well as for some basic investment advice, says Michael Foy, Senior Director, Wealth Management Practice J.D. Power, in a new interview for journalists.

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